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What story will your house tell?

Every home tells a story and every seller deserves an agent that can tell that story through top notch service, marketing strategies that work and expert advice to get you the best possible terms for the sale of your property.  A home that is pleasant to the eye and well staged will appeal to more buyers, sell faster and most importantly, sell for a higher price. 

It’s important to remember that the way you live in your home and the way you market it for sale are two very different things – I’ll help you understand the difference.

How it works

The Selling Process


Let’s start with a meeting to get to know one another and view your property to get a feel for your needs  through the home selling process. The plan begins.


Setting the listing price correctly is an important factor in marketing your home. The new listing will receive the most visibility when it first hits the market.


A home that is pleasant to the eye will appeal to more buyers, sell faster and most importantly, sell for a higher price. Small things can go a long way.


Before the sign even hits your front lawn, rest assured I’ll be creating a buzz of the property that’s coming soon. The frenzy doesn’t stop until the house is sold.


Offer contracts can be confusing and full of legal jargon. I’ll take the guess work out of the equation and put my negotiating skills to task to fetch you top dollar.


Did you think this day would ever arrive? You’re almost at the finish line and I’m with you all the way until that door closes behind you – and beyond!  


How am I different?

Sellers Guide

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How about selling with less stress?

While there’s always bound to be some stress associated with selling a home, if that process could be made a little easier, would you say YES PLEASE?

Get my sellers handbook for some great tips and ideas to leave the stress behind.

Have Questions About Selling?

If you’re wondering when is the best time to sell a home, we’ve got some good news for you: there’s no wrong time! That’s right—you can sell your home any time of year, and it will probably work out just fine.

That said…

Spring is typically the best time to sell a home in most real estate communities. April through June are prime months for buyers and sellers alike, because that’s when people are looking at their options and making decisions about what they want to do with their properties. Rest assured, people buy and sell at all different times of the year for various reasons. You can’t always plan when that perfect promotion is going to come your way and take you across the country.

The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is absolutely true when it comes to selling a home. But not all updates will fetch you the same return on your investment.

A key rule is to remember that you live in your home much differently than if you were selling your home. There are many things you can do to ensure your home makes a great impression on potential buyers.

  • First and foremost is to declutter and remove things like photos that make the home personal to you. This allows the buyer to image their own belongings in the space.
  • You can hire professional cleaners to tidy up if the task feels too daunting to do yourself.
  • Painting is the number one way to refresh a space at minimal cost.
  • Install new carpeting or flooring where worn.
  • Curb appeal makes a lasting impression as well so make sure the yard is neat and tidy.
  • Having the space professional staged can also be of some benefit in certain circumstances.

Every home is different and your trusted agent can assist with this task. Not properly preparing a home for sale can put a home owner at a huge disadvantage.

Great question – and the answer is – that depends. The current market conditions will dictate how you should proceed. 

  • In  a sellers market, there is typically less inventory to choose from. You may want to find and purchase your new home first to ensure you don’t get left out in the cold come moving day. And in a really hot sellers market, you could face a multiple offer situation and not have your offer accepted. (This is where working with a great agent comes into play – wink wink).
  • In a buyers market, there is typically an abundance of homes to choose from and sellers are seeing their home sit for longer periods of time before receiving offers. For that reason, you may want to consider selling first or at the very least, include a condition in your offer to purchase that includes the sale of your current property. (At the risk of repeating myself – a good agent will be able to guide you through this process).

That’s like asking if you really need a parachute when skydiving. OK – maybe my “Captain Obvious” sarcasm wasn’t necessary, but you get the point.  Of course it’s not a requirement to use an agent when selling a home but you are likely to fetch a higher price for your home when using a professional. 

The advice received will allow you to have your home ready for market in the best possible condition to make the best first impression.

The process can be confusing, time consuming and difficult to understand at times. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who knows their stuff guide you through the process and make sure your best interests are covered so that all you have to do is enjoy the ride?

Realtors use a variety of methods to determine the value of a home. The most common method is comparative market analysis (CMA), which consists of an in-depth evaluation of recently sold comparable homes in the past few months.

While not quite a “crystal ball”, a CMA narrows down a sale price range keeping some of the following features of the home and location in mind:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Square footage
  • Style of house
  • Upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms
  • Quality of the windows
  • Type of flooring
  • Finished rec room
  • Includes a garage or parking
  • Age of the roof
  • Age of mechanicals such as furnace, air conditioning, water heaters and water treatment systems
  • Lot features
  • Location

In the end, the final list price is up to you. I just help guide you to a realistic price to ensure your home is properly positioned in the market.

No Obligation
Home Evaluation

There are many reasons that a home owner would like to know the current value of their property:

  • Interested in moving and would like to know how much equity they have available before purchasing a new home.
  • Determine a realistic asking price for their home
  • General curiosity

No matter what your reason is, I’m happy to provide an in depth analysis of your home’s worth – no strings attached.

Niagara Sellers Guide

Download My Home Seller's Guide

Selling your home starts before the “For Sale” sign ever hits your front lawn. This seller’s guide offers practical tips to putting your best foot foward in the market.

What My Clients Have to Say...

Kelly was fabulous to work with! Our situation was a very unique one, she found us a beautiful place to call home within the timeframe we needed that suits us financially and leaves us flexible for the future. Kelly is very responsive to messages and makes things happen quickly so you don’t miss out on any opportunity! We are very pleased with the professional and friendly service that we received from Kelly at Revel Realty Inc. We look forward to working with her again one day.
by Rachel D
Kelly is detailed oriented, a high performer, and very professional realtor. She puts her quality touch on everything she does. She will guide you and provide high quality advice in every single stage of your real estate transaction. I was impressed with her services. I highly recommend her!
by Miguel J
Kelly is always a pleasure to work with. Very informative and knowledgeable. She is very personable and I would highly recommend and trust for for real estate needs.
by Joanne A
I loved working with her, she was such a great help and extremely nice. I appreciate your work She definitely gets her job done , I am very pleased
by Jenna G
Kelly was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her services.
by Heather R
Awesome realtor who really knows the Niagara Region!! - Highly recommended
by Alex Z
I messaged Kelly about a home she had listed for lease. She got back to me within 20 minutes. She was very polite friendly and understood that I was nervous and anxious. Kelly not only came out and showed me the house the very next morning she helped fill out the paperwork but she took the time to talk and show my autistic grandson the entire house and he loved it. She went above and beyond to help him and myself get comfortable and when she realized that he really wanted this she worked effortlessly to help us get it. When it came time for us to pick up keys she was genuinely happy for us. She has called to see if there is anything we need and follow ups. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KELLY DAFOE AT REVEL REAL ESTATE SHE IS BY FAR THE BEST.SHE WILL MAKE YOUR DAY A HAPPIER ONE FOR SURE.THANK YOU KELLY
by Rose R
You are 100% yourself and that is so refreshing! You have a way of making things interesting because your passion shines through and you aren’t afraid to have a lot of FUN mixed in with the serious stuff along the way. That seems to be a golden balance that I think is pretty rare
by Julia R
Kelly is such a wonderful person to work with! She was a tremendous help in our search for a property in the Niagara region – her perseverance, enthusiasm, great communication, and around the clock hard work throughout the process has got us the perfect place within a tight timeline and budget. Kelly went above and beyond to guide our decision-making through her local knowledge and bidding strategy.
by Jane P
Buyer Client
Our Corporation hired Kelly to assist with a very complex sub lease situation. Tensions were high, and other agents had failed to close a deal. Kelly stepped in and handled the situation with complete professionalism and grace. She tactfully negotiated with all parties, and communicated effectively and clearly, so there was no opportunity for mistakes or shenanigans. She didn’t get drawn into the drama of personal conflicts. Kelly closed the deal in such a way that all parties walked away satisfied. I highly recommend Kelly for any commercial real estate deal you need support with. Thank you so much Kelly, we will always call you for our commercial real-estate needs in the future!
by Tiffany L

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