Whenever you’re considering a move, or just visiting a new area, you are bound to have a ton of questions. Well today, we’re going to tackle some of the top things that I often get asked about the Niagara Region. One is even a pet peeve of mine, so be sure to stick around to the end where I set the record straight.

So let’s dive right in…

Least and most expensive places to Live

As a real estate agent, one of the questions I’m asked time and time again is about the housing market, specifically what the least and most expensive places to buy a home are. So let’s start with the highest price area first and that would be beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. In 2021, the average home price was $1,043,182, with Fonthill being a close second. The most affordable spot to purchase a home for the second year running was in the great little beach town of Port Colborne, where the median home price was $505.056. Both locations have some pretty unique qualities and waterfront options are possible in both markets.

Dog friendly community

Is our community dog friendly?

For all you dog lovers out there, my clients will often ask if our community is dog friendly. Being a dog lover myself, my answer is always a resounding YES!   While dogs on leash are welcome in most public areas and sidewalks, there are also several dog parks, including some off leash parks, for Fido to romp around and meet new friends. Many patios even welcome our four legged companions, as does the large Outlet Shopping Mall in Niagara on the Lake.

How is the school system?

So we’ve made sure our pooches are taken care of – how about our kids? The next question we’ll discuss is what are the school systems like in the Region?  Like many areas, we have a public board known as the District School Board of Niagara which has 90 elementary schools and 20 Secondary schools. The Niagara Catholic District School Board has 51 Elementary schools and 8 High Schools.   Both boards offer Kindergarten to Grade 12 in both English and French Immersion.  There are also Christian Schools throughout the Region as well as a large home school community (and I don’t mean the recent Pandemic style of homeschooling out of necessity). And lets not forget Brock University and 2 campuses of Niagara College that ara a draw for those seeking post secondary education.

What industry is in the Region?

If you’re moving to Niagara without a job already, a natural question is “What are the different types of industry in the Region”? Where to start…there’s just so much, we could be here for days. To name a few we have Education providers, Healthcare workers, Marine carriers, Automotive plants, Call Centres, Agriculture and Greenhouses are very popular as are wineries and our booming hospitality industry. Of course we have construction, retail, transportation and finance to boot. Really, there’s something for everyone.

What attractions does the Region offer?

Let’s tackle one more question before we get to that pet peeve of mine…

Young or not so young, people will always ask what are the main attractions in the area? Besides the obvious tourism magnet that is Niagara Falls and all it entails, this area has so much to keep a person entertained. There are endless trails for hiking, biking and walking, a performing arts centre and Shaw Festival for live theatre, wine tasting and touring, craft brew houses are also a lot of fun to check out, history and museums as well exploring Fort George. The endless culinary delights are also sure to please. I covered a bit of this in my video about relocating during a Pandemic so if you haven’t already watched it, I’ll link to it as well for a more in depth look at some of these attractions.

Is Niagara & Niagara Falls the same thing?

And that brings us to the final question I’ll cover today. If you’re from the area, you’ll understand why this is a bit of a pet peeve. The question itself isn’t bothersome – in fact I’m happy when people recognize the need for clarification. The question often goes something like this. “Niagara & Niagara Falls are the same thing – right?” That’s like saying Kansas and Kansas City are one in the same. No Sir…..

Pro tip if you want to sound like you’re not a newbie to the area – The Region of Niagara is made up of 12 municipalities  – one of which is the City of Niagara Falls. Now that you know the  difference it will be a little pet peeve of yours as well.

So much to see and do here in Niagara. Like I said earlier, I go into a bit more detail on some of these attractions in a previous video in case you want  to check it out.

Do you have a favourite hidden gem that you’d like to share? I’m always looking for new experiences to try so drop some details below.

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